Siren on the Sea - Sunrise.


Siren on the Sea - Sunrise. 1980-83. Lithograph with pastel coloring. Czestochowski 43. 10 1/16 x 14 1/16 (sheet 12 x 18). Edition 40. Signed and dated '1980' in pencil. $460.

Geerlings created this lithograph of New York, with the twin towers, in 1980. He then hand-colored each impression with pastel to reflect different times of day and weather conditions; consequently, each impression is a unique monoprint.

Geerlings wrote about this series: "The view of lower Manhattan from the sea has for 200 years or more delighted, allured and enchanted immigrants, foreign visitors, returning citizens from abroad and homecoming servicemen and women. The skyline has never been static. It varies from year to year, from sunrise to midnight, from rain to cloudless skies. Of all the great cities of the world situated on the seas, it is unique, without equal in its moods, its variations, its significance to each individual. Observed from the Staten Island Ferry the interplay of effects from moment to moment as it varies in color, in form, in its relation to the sea, and in its impression, it makes on the viewer."

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