Leaping Fish

Chiura OBATA

A powerful fish leaps upward with abandon, breaking bounds with the churning water below.

Obata ground his own paints from a variety of materials, including precious and semiprecious stones, flower petals, and oyster shells. For his blues, Obata ground lapis lazuli; for greens, he ground malachite, turquoise, or peacock stone. He is reputed to have used ruby dust for special reds - at a cost of seven hundred dollars for a tiny vial. As such, the Artist describes the fishes blue glistening scales and curve of its body,as one of his favorite subjects.

Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 15.5 X 21 inches
Edition: original Painting
Signed: in brush within image
Condition: very fine, lightly toned with faint mat line
Signed: in black brush
Sealed: in red