"I had never made monotypes before working with master printer James Stroud at Center Street Studio. I wanted to find a way of working that stayed very close to my process in my own studio. So we mixed up large amounts of printing ink in various colors and adjusted them in viscosity so that they would interact with each other on the press. I painted directly on the stainless steel press bed passing the paper through with a great deal of pressure. Each print was made with one pass. The excess ink gathered in pools after the initial print was made. A new sheet was placed on the pool of ink and run through the press in the opposite direction to create ghost prints that we titled Mudhoneys. These were often paired with the first pulls to form diptychs. Unique prints made on such large scale sheets feel like paintings on paper and relate directly to the work in my own studio." Markus Linnenbrink, NYC 2018

IHEARDYOULOOKING 15 is printed on a sheet of 500g/m2 Somerset paper that measures 52 x 39.5 inches.