Autumn in Hakone Museum

No Date

15 x 9 inches

A gray path forks, leading to Hakone Museum on the right and straight towards a pond and small waterfall. Foothills covered in fall colors lead toward a distant mountain, where a cloud or plume of smoke rises in the distance.

Toshi Yoshida (1911 – 1995) Born in Tokyo into a family of artists, he began drawing at a young age and learned printmaking and painting from his parents, Hiroshi and Fujio Yoshida. Throughout his life, the artist would travel around the world making sketches for prints, exhibiting his work, and lecturing about woodblock printmaking. The artist's work often features landscapes and animals. In 1980, he opened a printmaking school in Nagano Prefecture, training notable artists including Carol Jessen and Micah Schwaberow. Yoshida's prints are found in the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

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