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All who have visited a print fair have curiously peek at a work being invoiced or packed away, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is no longer available.  Friends, crossing each other's path on the show floor, slip the new purchase out of its protective sleeve to show one another the wonderful latest acquisition.  The digital record presented by the West Coast Print Fair makes it easy to let all partake in the joy of other collectors.  Here it is, your look at all the prints and drawings that have sold this past week.
Roger Shimomura: Mao Sold



Lithograph, 2016.

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MORE IMPRESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE.CONTACT US TO BUY IT.$700. Medium: color lithograph 14" x 13" Roger Shimomura is a 3rd generation American citizen o...

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Kazutoshi Sugiura: Iris No.158 Sold

SUGIURA, Kazutoshi

Iris No.158

Screenprint, 1974.

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8 x 12.5 inchesSerigraphEdition 29/48A violet and a white iris set over a gold background.Kazutoshi Sugiura (1938 - ) Born in Kyoto, he attended th...

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Yowsaku Sekino: Iris and Glassware Sold

SEKINO, Yowsaku

Iris and Glassware

Woodblock Print, 1974.

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11.75 x 8.25 inchesWoodblockEdition 29/93Purple and white irises in a blue vase resting on an ornate geometric tabletop, with a gold background and...

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Toshi Yoshida: Autumn in Hakone Museum Sold


Autumn in Hakone Museum

Woodblock Print, No Date.

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15 x 9 inchesWoodblockA gray path forks, leading to Hakone Museum on the right and straight towards a pond and small waterfall. Foothills covered i...

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Frances H. Gearhart: Zinnias Sold

GEARHART, Frances H.


Linocut, ca 1930.

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Zinnias is a color linoleum cut created about 1930 by American artist Frances Gearhart (1869-1958). It is pencil signed and titled and was printed...

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Sarah Brayer: Bebop Puddle Hop Sold


Bebop Puddle Hop

Woodcut, 1984.

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Dimensions: 20" x 26"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 150

William H Hays: Island Universe Sold

HAYS, William H

Island Universe

Linocut, 2016.

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Please note that this edition is sold out with the artist. We have ONE impression left ($325).  If you are interested in purchasing this print, we ...

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Johannes Wierix: Adam and Eve Sold

WIERIX, Johannes

Adam and Eve

Engraving, 1566.

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Engraving after Albert Dürer. Mauquoy-Hendrickx 54. 9 3/4 x 7 5/8 inches.

Roger Shimomura: Mickey Sold



Lithograph, 2016.

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MORE IMPRESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE.CONTACT US TO BUY IT.$700. Medium: color lithograph 14" x 13" Roger Shimomura is a 3rd generation American citizen o...

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Francisco Dosamantes: Women of Oaxaca Sold


Women of Oaxaca

Lithograph, 1946.

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Francisco Dosamantes (1911-1986) - Lithograph, 1946. Women of Oaxaca. Image Size: 13 x 10 ½. Three barefoot women with hair in long dark braids, se...

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Katsushika Hokusai: Two fish and a shrimp Sold

HOKUSAI, Katsushika

Two fish and a shrimp

Woodblock Print, 1830.

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An elegant blue line still life of a group of Fish and ShrimpMedium: Woodblock Print with gold leaf and oil based inkSize: 9 X 6.5 inchesEdition: a...

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Peggy Bacon: Virtuoso Sold

BACON, Peggy


Drypoint, 1933.

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Peggy Bacon (1895-1987), Virtuoso, 1933, signed and titled in pencil and inscribed: “For Pat and Dick.” Reference: Flint 121. In good condition, o...

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William Zorach: Father and Child Sold

ZORACH, William

Father and Child

Linocut, 1916.

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William Zorach (1887-1966), Father and Child, linoleum cut, 1916, signed bottom right margin. Reference: Efram L. Burk, The Prints of William Zorac...

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Ryohei Tanaka: Uphill Sold

TANAKA, Ryohei


Etching, 1988.

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Dimensions: 9.25" x 5.5" Medium: intaglio etching, Japanese print Edition Size: 150

Yuko Kimura: Wabi Dog and Moss Sold


Wabi Dog and Moss

Woodcut, 2021.

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Dimensions: 5.25" x 4" Medium: etching, antique Japanese woodblock-printed book pages, thread, collage Edition Size: unique, one of a kind