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All who have visited a print fair have curiously peek at a work being invoiced or packed away, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is no longer available.  Friends, crossing each other's path on the show floor, slip the new purchase out of its protective sleeve to show one another the wonderful latest acquisition.  The digital record presented by the West Coast Print Fair makes it easy to let all partake in the joy of other collectors.  Here it is, your look at all the prints and drawings that have sold this past week.
Yoshikatsu Tamekane: Tree of Life Sold

TAMEKANE, Yoshikatsu

Tree of Life

Woodblock Print, 2021.

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2021woodblock with gold leafedition of 3017.7 x 12.2 in

Shinichi NAKAZAWA: Gravity IV Sold

NAKAZAWA, Shinichi

Gravity IV

Etching, 2014.

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2014 Etching 23 3/5 × 5 9/10 in 59.9 × 15 cm Edition of 35

Shinichi NAKAZAWA: Gravity III Sold

NAKAZAWA, Shinichi

Gravity III

Etching, 2o14.

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2014 Etching 23 3/5 × 5 9/10 in 59.9 × 15 cm

Ray Morimura: Water Garden Sold


Water Garden

Woodblock Print, 2013.

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Woodblock2013Edition of 7023 x 17 in

Hiromitsu Takahashi: Zohiki Sold

TAKAHASHI, Hiromitsu


Stencil or Pochoir, 1998.

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It's printed on handmade paper that mimics a pachyderm's wrinkled skin.StencilEd1528.5 x 23 in