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Portrait, Figures, and Nudes

This collection of prints presents a vast array of subjects with humans as its theme.  You'll find portraits of people, famous and not; all manner of people, at work, at play, at rest, and in any other activity one can imagine; as well as human form as inspiration to creation, dressed or not.

Maximilian Kurzweil: Der Polster (The Cushion)

KURZWEIL, Maximilian

Der Polster (The Cushion)

Woodcut, 1903.


Maximilien Kurzweil (Austria) 1867-1916Der Polster (The Cushion). Woodcut, 1903. Ref: Rifkind/DDavis, vol. II, no. 1692 with illust; Novotny & ...

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Kate Hanlon: Dinner Time


Dinner Time

Woodcut, 2018.


"Dinnertime" (ARTS AND CRAFTS) White line color woodcut, 2018 5 5/8 in. x 8 in. (143 mm x 203 mm) Edition of 25, Number: #3 Unframed Availability:...

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Kyra Markham: Nightclub



Lithograph, 1935.


Lithograph, 1935 13 3/4 in. x 10 1/2 in. (349 mm x 267 mm) Edition of 44, Number: 1/14 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $9500 A fine impres...

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Paul Landacre: Counterpoint



Wood Engraving, c. 1939.


Wood engraving, c. 193912 in. x 8 in. (305 mm x 203 mm)Edition of 150UnframedAvailability: In StockPrice: P.O.R. A superb impression of this except...

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Abraham Abramovitz: Accident



Wood Engraving, c. 1935-43.


Wood engraving, c. 1935-43 4 1/2 in. x 6 in. (114 mm x 152 mm) Edition of c. 25 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $3200 A fine impression of...

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Kiyoshi Saito: Flowers and a Girl (2)

SAITO, Kiyoshi

Flowers and a Girl (2)

Woodblock Print, 1974.


A young girl in profile, her face rendered in simple planes of acid greenand brilliant yellow. A floating 'red eye' adds an unexpected element to t...

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Kiyoshi Saito: In Paris (4)

SAITO, Kiyoshi

In Paris (4)

Woodblock Print, 1961.


A lively sophisticated Parisian gathering in which the energy of the figures is expressedwithin their shapes with strong woodgrain detail. One brig...

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Reginald Marsh: Battery (Belles)

MARSH, Reginald

Battery (Belles)

Etching, 1938.


Battery (Belles). 1938. Engraving. Sasowsky 9 x 12 (sheet 10 5/16 x 13 1/2). Edition 3 proofs and also 20 lifetime impressions in this stat...

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James Mcbey: Barcarolle

MCBEY, James


Etching, 1926.


Barcarolle. 1926. Etching. Carter 233. 14 7/8 x 8 3/8 (sheet 17 1/4 x 10 1/4). Edition 80, #xxv. Print Collector's Quarterly 24 (1938): 428; Eric ...

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Helen West Heller: Dune

HELLER, Helen West


Woodcut, 1927.


Dune. 1927. Woodcut. 7 9/16 x 12 (sheet 12 1/8 x 15 5/8). Printed on sturdy Japanese mulberry paper. Signed, dated and titled in pencil. Two new bo...

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Edward Hopper: East Side Interior

HOPPER, Edward

East Side Interior

Etching, 1922.


East Side Interior. 1922. Etching and drypoint. Levin 85. 7 7/8 x 10 (sheet 11 x 13 1/4 inches. Remnants of brown tape, top margin verso; slight ma...

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Childe Hassam: The Writing Desk

HASSAM, Childe

The Writing Desk

Etching, 1915.


The Writing Desk. 1915. Etching. Clayton 54. 10 x 7 (sheet 12 314 x 9 5/8). Tack holes in the margins as usual, indicating that the sheet is untrim...

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Jean-Emile Laboureur: Portrait



Engraving, 1917.


Jean-Emile Laboureur (1877-1943), Portrait, 1917, engraving, signed in pencil lower left and numbered lower right (28/40). Reference: S. Laboureur ...

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Jean-Emile Laboureur: Instantes



Woodcut, 1911.


Jean-Emile Laboureur (1877-1943), Instantes, 1911, a portfolio of six woodcuts, including the original paper wrapper, each print is signed and numb...

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Hermine David: Boxing Match

DAVID, Hermine

Boxing Match

Engraving, circa 1927.


Hermine David, Boxing Match, drypoint and engraving, circa 1927, signed and numbered (4/10) in pencil, lower margin. Reference: Jean Adhemar, Inven...

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