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Frans Floris: Men and Women at a Bath


Men and Women at a Bath

Engraving, 1622.


Engraving by an unknown engraver, probably after a lost design by Frans Floris. 197 x 248 mm (sheet). Hollstein 98, Riggs no. 262, New Hollstein (F...

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 Albrecht Durer: The Apocalyptic Woman

DURER, Albrecht

The Apocalyptic Woman

Woodcut, ca. 1497.


Woodcut, 392 x 279 mm. Meder 173, Bartsch 71. Impression of the 1511 latin edition with the latin text printed verso, the words Iohan̄es (line 1) a...

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Jacques Bellange: Diana and Orion


Diana and Orion

Etching, 1595/1616.


Etching and engraving, 470 x 205 mm. Walch 10, 3rd state (of 3); Robert-Dumesnil 36; Thuillier 54; Griffiths & Hartley 38.Impression of the 3rd...

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Abraham Bosse: The Five Senses

BOSSE, Abraham

The Five Senses

Etching, ca. 1638.


Series of 5 etchings, 255 to 263 mm x 324 to 334 mm. Préaud 163 to 167, Lothe 317 to 321: L. 317: 1st state (of 3), L. 318 to 320: 1st state (of 2)...

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Pieter van der Borcht: The Large Wedding Feast

BORCHT, Pieter van der

The Large Wedding Feast

Etching, 1560.


THIS ITEM IS ON HOLD FOR A CLIENT.PLEASE INQUIRE FOR UP-TO-DATE AVAILABILITY. Etching, 365 to 367 mm x 505 to 510 mm (sheet). New Hollstein 172, 1...

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Pieter van der Borcht: St Sebastian’s fair

BORCHT, Pieter van der

St Sebastian’s fair

Etching, 1600.


Anonymous etching after Pieter van der Borcht, 223 x 303 mm. Wurzbach 11, New Hollstein 173, 4th state (of 4) with Claes Jansz II Visscher’s addres...

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Hans Sebald Beham: Pacientia [Patience]

BEHAM, Hans Sebald

Pacientia [Patience]

Engraving, 1540.


Engraving, 105 x 70 mm. Pauli 141, 4th state (of 6). Hollstein 141.Impression of the 4th state (of 6) with the new horizontal lines on the right le...

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Nicolas Beatrizet: Battle of the Amazons


Battle of the Amazons

Engraving, 1559.


Engraving, 310 x 815 mm (two plates). Robert-Dumesnil 98, ii/iv; Bartsch 98; Bianchi 106, ii/v. Impression of the 2nd state (of 5) with the alterat...

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Ludolf Bakhuizen: Series of ten Seascapes


Series of ten Seascapes

Etching, 1701.


Etching, each around 177 x 237 mm, except for Hollstein 1: 195 x 257 mm. Bartsch 1 to 10, Hollstein 1 to 10, 3rd state (of 3).Complete series of 10...

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Peter Cornelisz Verbeeck: Man with a Turban, 1639

VERBEECK, Peter Cornelisz

Man with a Turban, 1639

Etching, 17th Century.


PIETER CORNELISZ VERBEECKHaarlem 1610/15 – Haarlem 1652/54Man with a Turban, 1639Etching. 9.6 x 7.3 cm.Literature: Bartsch 1797, p. 140, No. 85; Na...

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Herman van Swanewelt: Ruins on the Palatine Hill

SWANEWELT, Herman van

Ruins on the Palatine Hill

Etching, 17th Century.


HERMAN VAN SWANEVELTWoerden c. 1600 – 1655 ParijsRuins on the Palatine HillFrom a series of 13 plates with views of RomeEngraving. 9.1 x 14.1 cm (p...

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Nicolaes Van Haeften: The Charlatan, 1694


The Charlatan, 1694

Etching, 1694.


NICOLAES VAN HAEFTENGorinchem c. 1663 – 1715 ParisThe Charlatan, 1694Etching. 17.5 x 12.6 cm (plate); 20.9 x 15.5 cm (sheet)Signed and dated below ...

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