Undergrowth III

Marketa KEMP

Monotype printed on wove paper.
Signed, titled, dated, and annotated "1/1" in pencil.
Image size: 11 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches.

Sometimes it’s a particular encounter that awakens something in us. For some of us, the epiphany can simply be a matter of time or place. Marketa Kemp, who was born and raised in the Czech Republic came into her own as an artist after having moved to Australia, and thanks to encounters with artists from Paros, Greece to Melbourne. Kemp likes to draw and paint and has, since 2017, increasingly honed her skills in painting monotypes. These works, mostly landscapes of what Australians call “the bush” and “the outback”, are often constructed first with saturated black inks. These “blacks” are balanced with touches of color, ochers, light-blue-grays, sometimes golden hues. Kemp’s compositions are balanced and the textures of her inks, where lighter and darker areas contrast, draw in the eye. Each work of art stands strongly on its own.