What they lack for in numbers, they make up for in visual strength.  Mezzotints bring grayscales and gentle color modulations like few other techniques in printmaking afford.  It's no wonder the technique has spawned its own sub-culture of collectors.  There aren't many printmakers who have turned to the mezzotint rocker to express themselves, as the small number of works below shows.  But those who have usually don't do so lightly or in vain: softness of tone abounds in each of these prints.

Byron Mcclintock: Shelter Island


Shelter Island

Mezzotint, 2008.


Shelter Island is a mixed technique color intaglio printed chine-collé, combining mezzotint, roulette, and drypoint, created in 2008 by American ar...

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Takuji Hamanaka: Combination-Cross No. 3


Combination-Cross No. 3

Mezzotint, 1979.


Mezzotint, 1979Signed, titled and numbered in pencilEdition: 30 (9/30)Provenance: Ninion and Sheldon Landy, ChicagoThe Landy's donated a large coll...

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Katsunori Hamanishi: Red Fireworks

HAMANISHI, Katsunori

Red Fireworks

Other, 2021.


Dimensions: 22.25" x 11.75" Medium: mezzotint, gold leaf Edition Size: 50

Katsunori Hamanishi: Manjushage: Flowers of Heaven

HAMANISHI, Katsunori

Manjushage: Flowers of Heaven

Mezzotint, 2020.


Dimensions: Image Size 27" x 53" | Paper Size 30" x 59"Medium: Mezzotint Triptych, IntaglioEdition Size: 50