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Frances Gearhart: Winter Nears


Winter Nears

Woodblock Print, 1936.


FRANCES H. GEARHART (1869 – 1958)WINTER NEARS, 1936 Color block print. Signed and titled in pencil. 12 x 11 inches, on a fibrous japan sheet 14 3/8...

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Tsukasa Yoshida: Way to the Moon

YOSHIDA, Tsukasa

Way to the Moon

Woodblock Print, 1936.


14.75 x 9.50 inchesWoodblockA path of stones weaves into the green forest, illuminated by a full moon in a cerulean sky.Tsukasa Yoshida (1949 - ) T...

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Ray Morimura: Water Garden


Water Garden

Woodblock Print, 2013.


Woodblock2013Edition of 7023 x 17 in

Joel Karhu: Wabisuke



Woodblock Print, 2019.


2019 Woodblock Ed. 75 19" × 19"

Kiyoshi Saito: Urubundai Aizu

SAITO, Kiyoshi

Urubundai Aizu

Woodblock Print, 1955.


A scarce early landscape by Kiyoshi Saito printed in heavy hand applied inks.Simple organic, geometric shapes printed in rich colors accentuate the...

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Micah Schwaberow: Twilight Haiku


Twilight Haiku

Woodcut, 2018.


Dimensions: 4" x 4"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 138

William H Hays: Twilight

HAYS, William H


Woodcut, 2019.


Color woodcut reduction on Stonehenge wove paper.Edition of 25.Signed, titled, and numbered in pencil.Image size: 18 1/2 x 25 1/4 inches.This print...

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Katsuyuki NISHIJIMA: Toridori

NISHIJIMA, Katsuyuki


Woodblock Print, 1818.


7.75 x 10.75 inchesWoodblockColorful umbrellas outside of a traditional Japanese building.Katsuyuki Nishijima (1945 - ) Born in Yamaguchi prefectur...

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Helen Hyde: The Sauce-Pan Shop

HYDE, Helen

The Sauce-Pan Shop

Woodcut, 1908.


Color woodcut, 1908. Mason and Mason 79.10 x 14 7/8 inches. Signed in pencil.Illustrated in Merritt, Point of Contact, Western Artists Japanese Art...

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Yuichi Hasegawa: The Great Blue Earth (2)


The Great Blue Earth (2)

Woodblock Print, 2016.


The artist lives far away from the major urban metropolises of Japan. Based in the rural setting of Aizu Wakamatsu, he pays tribute to our earth in...

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Yoshimoto Gesso: Swallows on Wisteria

GESSO, Yoshimoto

Swallows on Wisteria

Woodblock Print, c.1930.


Two black and white swallows perch on the branch of blossoming Wisteria.A delightful Spring image.Medium: Woodblock PrintSize: 10 X 5 inchesEdition...

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Joichi Hoshi: Spring Moon

HOSHI, Joichi

Spring Moon

Woodblock Print, 1976.


A full moon casts a silver glow over the top of a small tree.Horizontal planes of neutral colors create a sense of tranquilityin this wonderful com...

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Yoshimoto Gesso: Sparrow on Hydrangea

GESSO, Yoshimoto

Sparrow on Hydrangea

Woodblock Print, c.1930.


A brown sparrow perches on a a flowering Hydrangea stem.This delicate image evokes the beauties of Spring.Medium: Woodblock PrintSize: 10 x 5 inche...

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Clifton Karhu: Snow at Katsura

KARHU, Clifton

Snow at Katsura

Woodcut, 1970.


Dimensions: 15.5" x 25" Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock Print Edition Size: 50

Rey Morimura: Shinsenen



Woodblock Print, 2019.


17.5 x 11.75 inchesWoodblockEdition 25/100An orange bridge stretches across a highly textured blue river, with a reflection beneath and graphic bla...

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