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Japanese Prints and Japonism

Prints by Japanese artists, and prints inspired by Japanese artists.

Shigeyuki: Bird and Cherry Blossoms


Bird and Cherry Blossoms

Woodblock Print, .


Shigeyuki (Japanese)Bird and Cherry BlossomsColor woodblock. Signed and chop. 14 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches (block), 15 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches (sheet)

Artist Anonymous: Chrysanthemums and Stream


Chrysanthemums and Stream

Drawing or Watercolor, circa 1920-30.


Original gouache painting on thin laid paper, circa 1920-30.Sample design for luxurious kimonos created for Kyoto high society.Painted to the sheet...

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Joichi Hoshi: Early Spring

HOSHI, Joichi

Early Spring

Woodblock Print, 1974.


15.75 x 13 inches FramedWoodblockA white tree on a blue and gold background.Joichi Hoshi (1913 - 1979) Born in Niigata, Japan. Before becoming an a...

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Matt Brown: Egret



Woodcut, 2012.


Dimensions: 16" x 7"Medium: Mokuhanga woodblock printEdition Size: 300

Kiyoshi Saito: Flowers and a Girl (2)

SAITO, Kiyoshi

Flowers and a Girl (2)

Woodblock Print, 1974.


A young girl in profile, her face rendered in simple planes of acid greenand brilliant yellow. A floating 'red eye' adds an unexpected element to t...

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Ohara Koson: Flycatcher and Wisteria

KOSON, Ohara

Flycatcher and Wisteria

Woodblock Print, c. 1900.


A blue and white flycatcher bird appears intent on a small spider below the branch of a flowering wisteria.An outstanding kacho-e image, rarely see...

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Laura Boswell: Garden Seasons Winter


Garden Seasons Winter

Linocut, no date.


Color linocut reduction, printed on wove paper.Edition of 10.Signed in pencil.Image size: 19 3/4 x 9 7/8 inches.

Hideo Hagiwara: Germination



Woodblock Print, 1960.


A scarce sheet from Hagiwara's desirable Germination Series.Small seeds beneath the soil glow with contrasting colors as they prepareto emerge into...

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Joichi Hoshi: Great Tree (small)

HOSHI, Joichi

Great Tree (small)

Woodblock Print, 1975.


This woodblock has wonderful subtle and beautiful coloration with varied shades of green. The underlying gold leaf adds luster and dimensionality t...

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Joichi Hoshi: Great Tree in Early Spring

HOSHI, Joichi

Great Tree in Early Spring

Woodblock Print, 1978.


A majestic tree, trunk still glistening from winters frost spreads its bare branches towards the sun, its leaves just beginning to emerge.The final...

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Joichi Hoshi: High Treetop (blue)

HOSHI, Joichi

High Treetop (blue)

Woodblock Print, 1976.


A unique perspective of a tall tree as seen looking upwards toward the sky.The Artist strove to express the connection between the earthly and spir...

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Yowsaku Sekino: Iris and Glassware

SEKINO, Yowsaku

Iris and Glassware

Woodblock Print, 1976.


11.75 x 8.25 inchesWoodblockEdition 29/93Purple and white irises in a blue vase resting on an ornate geometric tabletop, with a gold background and...

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Kazutoshi Sugiura: Iris No.94

SUGIURA, Kazutoshi

Iris No.94

Woodblock Print, 1991.


An elegant group of red, blue and white long stemmed iris on a gold background.An outstanding example of the Artists traditional Work, scarce in th...

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Tsukasa Yoshida: Maple

YOSHIDA, Tsukasa


Woodblock Print, 1991.


14.5 x 9.75 inchesA Japanese maple bonsai tree with bright red leaves and a mossy base sits in a clay planter over a tan background.Tsukasa Yoshida...

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Kunio Kaneko: Red Red Tree 3


Red Red Tree 3

Woodblock Print, 1967.


10 x 15 inchesWoodblockEdition 27/150An intricate bright red tree set against an orange sand sand colored ombre in a style paying homage to his men...

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Yuko Kimura: Reflection Kakegawa


Reflection Kakegawa

Woodcut, 2021.


Dimensions: 7.75" x 9.5" Medium: etching, antique Japanese woodblock-printed book pages, Japanese print Edition Size: unique, one of a kind

Ohara Koson: Songbird on Camelia

KOSON, Ohara

Songbird on Camelia

Woodblock Print, c. 1900.


A songbird is perched on the branch of a flowering Camelia.One of Koson's more successful designs with exquisite printing visibleon the Camelia Blo...

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Yoshimoto Gesso: Sparrow on Hydrangea

GESSO, Yoshimoto

Sparrow on Hydrangea

Woodblock Print, c.1930.


A brown sparrow perches on a a flowering Hydrangea stem.This delicate image evokes the beauties of Spring.Medium: Woodblock PrintSize: 10 x 5 inche...

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Joichi Hoshi: Spring Moon

HOSHI, Joichi

Spring Moon

Woodblock Print, 1976.


A full moon casts a silver glow over the top of a small tree.Horizontal planes of neutral colors create a sense of tranquilityin this wonderful com...

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Edward Julius Detmold: Summer Solstice

DETMOLD, Edward Julius

Summer Solstice

Hand Colored, c.1920.


Summer Solstice. c. 1920. Colour etching and aquatint, printed à la poupée. 20 7/8 x 12 3/4 (sheet 24 x 16 1/2). Edition 12, #7. A fine, richly ink...

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