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Japanese Prints and Japonism

Prints by Japanese artists, and prints inspired by Japanese artists.

Iwao Akiyama: A Moon in the Sky


A Moon in the Sky

Woodcut, 1988.


Dimensions: 16" x 12" Medium: Woodblock Print Edition Size: 200

Toshi Yoshida: Autumn in Hakone Museum


Autumn in Hakone Museum

Woodblock Print, No Date.


15 x 9 inchesWoodblockA gray path forks, leading to Hakone Museum on the right and straight towards a pond and small waterfall. Foothills covered i...

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Sarah Brayer: Bebop Puddle Hop


Bebop Puddle Hop

Woodcut, 1984.


Dimensions: 20" x 26"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 150

Hiroshi Yoshida: Calm Wind

YOSHIDA, Hiroshi

Calm Wind

Woodblock Print, 1937.


A solitary sailboat returns to harbor at sunset across a glittering sea.The suns rays reflects on the blue water creating a soft glow, and sense of...

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Artist Anonymous: Chrysanthemums and Stream


Chrysanthemums and Stream

Drawing or Watercolor, circa 1920-30.


Original gouache painting on thin laid paper, circa 1920-30.Sample design for luxurious kimonos created for Kyoto high society.Painted to the sheet...

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Sarah Brayer: Creation



Other, 2017.


Dimensions: 42" x 37"Medium: Luminescent PaperworkEdition Size: Unique, One of a Kind, Japanese PrintFrom the artist's website:Painting in Japanese...

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Frances H. Gearhart: Desert Barrier

GEARHART, Frances H.

Desert Barrier

Woodcut, c. 1933.


FRANCES H. GEARHART (1869-1958)DESERT BARRIER c. 1933Color block print, unsigned 12 x 9 ¼”. Typical original margins on good fibrous japan paper. ...

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Laura Boswell: Early Morning, Hillside


Early Morning, Hillside

Woodcut, no date.


Linocut and woodblock, printed on Hosho paper.Edition of 19.Signed and numbered in pencil.Image size: 18 7/8x 12 1/4 inches.

Matt Brown: Egret



Woodcut, 2012.


Dimensions: 16" x 7"Medium: Mokuhanga woodblock printEdition Size: 300

Frances Gearhart: Eucalyptus



Woodcut, c. 1929-30.


FRANCES H. GEARHARTEUCALYPTUS, ca 1929-30Color linocut, signed in pencil. 6 5/8 x 3 5/8 inches. Sheet 8 3/4 x 5 inches. edition c 50-75 Very good i...

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Kawase Hasui: Evening Rain in Kawarago

HASUI, Kawase

Evening Rain in Kawarago

Woodblock Print, 1947.


Sheets of rain fall on empty boats and a small seaside fishing village at night. Warm light glows from windows offering the promise ofwarmth and sh...

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Ohara Koson: Flycatcher and Wisteria

KOSON, Ohara

Flycatcher and Wisteria

Woodblock Print, c. 1900.


A blue and white flycatcher bird appears intent on a small spider below the branch of a flowering wisteria.An outstanding kacho-e image, rarely see...

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Laura Boswell: Garden Seasons Winter


Garden Seasons Winter

Linocut, no date.


Color linocut reduction, printed on wove paper.Edition of 10.Signed in pencil.Image size: 19 3/4 x 9 7/8 inches.

Hideo Hagiwara: Germination



Woodblock Print, 1960.


A scarce sheet from Hagiwara's desirable Germination Series.Small seeds beneath the soil glow with contrasting colors as they prepareto emerge into...

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Komori Soseki: GoldFish

SOSEKI, Komori


Woodcut, circa 1910-20.


Woodblock print on cream colored Japan paper.Published by Sakai and Kawaguchi.Bearing the artist’s seal. Sear of the carver Ito, and printer Komats...

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Joichi Hoshi: Great Tree in Early Spring

HOSHI, Joichi

Great Tree in Early Spring

Woodblock Print, 1978.


A majestic tree, trunk still glistening from winters frost spreads its bare branches towards the sun, its leaves just beginning to emerge.The final...

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Joichi Hoshi: High Treetop (blue)

HOSHI, Joichi

High Treetop (blue)

Woodblock Print, 1976.


A unique perspective of a tall tree as seen looking upwards toward the sky.The Artist strove to express the connection between the earthly and spir...

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Yowsaku Sekino: Iris and Glassware

SEKINO, Yowsaku

Iris and Glassware

Woodblock Print, 1976.


11.75 x 8.25 inchesWoodblockEdition 29/93Purple and white irises in a blue vase resting on an ornate geometric tabletop, with a gold background and...

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Kazutoshi Sugiura: Iris No.94

SUGIURA, Kazutoshi

Iris No.94

Woodblock Print, 1991.


An elegant group of red, blue and white long stemmed iris on a gold background.An outstanding example of the Artists traditional Work, scarce in th...

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Paul Jacoulet: Le Bol de Lait


Le Bol de Lait

Woodblock Print, May.


This outstanding work of an Ainu beauty in native tribal costume is one of Paul Jacoulet's most quietly appealing studies.An exceptional and rare P...

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