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Don Gorvett: Seafaring City


Seafaring City

Woodcut, 2005.


Seafaring CityReduction woodcut, edition 30, size 18 x 32 inchesABOUT / Don Gorvett is an artist and printmaker known for his large and powerful wo...

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Don Gorvett: Goodnight Ogunquit


Goodnight Ogunquit

Woodcut, 2019.


Goodnight Ogunquit 2019, Reduction woodcut, edition 27, size 24 x 31 in.ABOUT / Don Gorvett is an artist and printmaker known for his large and pow...

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Don Gorvett: Manufactory Twilight


Manufactory Twilight

Woodcut, 2020.


Manufactory TwilightMay 2020, Reduction woodcut on Japan paper with oil-based etching inks, edition 20, size 19.5 x 26.25 inches.ABOUT / Don Gorvet...

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John Edgar Platt: Brixham Town

PLATT, John Edgar

Brixham Town

Woodcut, 1927.


Brixham Town is a color woodcut created in October 1927 by British printmaker John Edgar Platt (1886-1967). It is pencil signed, titled, and editio...

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Don Gorvett: Divers



Woodcut, 1986.


Divers1986, Reduction woodcut, edition 6, size 24 x 33 in.ABOUT / Don Gorvett is an artist and printmaker known for his large and powerful woodcuts...

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Gen Yamanaka: Memory of Stars


Memory of Stars

Woodcut, 2014.


Dimensions: 14.25" x 19"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 10

Yoshikatsu Tamekane: Early Spring

TAMEKANE, Yoshikatsu

Early Spring

Woodcut, 2020.


Dimensions: 10.5" x 15.75" Medium: mokuhanga woodblock print, gold leaf, embossing, Japanese print Edition Size: 80

Joshua Rome: Moonlight on the Water

ROME, Joshua

Moonlight on the Water

Woodcut, 1996.


Dimensions: 10" x 33.5" Medium: mookhanga woodblock print on mulberry paper Edition Size: 85

Lilian Miller: Rain Blossoms Japan

MILLER, Lilian

Rain Blossoms Japan

Woodcut, 1928.


Dimensions: 10.5" x 15.5"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: Unknown

Yuko Kimura: Reflection Kakegawa


Reflection Kakegawa

Woodcut, 2021.


Dimensions: 7.75" x 9.5" Medium: etching, antique Japanese woodblock-printed book pages, Japanese print Edition Size: unique, one of a kind

Daniel Kelly: Children's Parade (Rare Early Work)

KELLY, Daniel

Children's Parade (Rare Early Work)

Woodcut, 1982.


Dimensions: 6.5" x 28.25" Medium: mokuhanga woodblock print on mulberry paper Edition Size: 30 Metropolitan Museum of Art collection

Clifton Karhu: Snow at Katsura

KARHU, Clifton

Snow at Katsura

Woodcut, 1970.


Dimensions: 15.5" x 25" Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock Print Edition Size: 50

Ted Colyer: Dialogue (Silver)


Dialogue (Silver)

Woodcut, 2021.


Dimensions: 17" x 31.5"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock Print, Silver Leaf, Japanese PrintEdition Size: 50from the artist's website:Ted Colyer was born ...

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Prosper-Alphonse Isaac: Cygne

ISAAC, Prosper-Alphonse


Woodcut, circa 1910.


5" x 7 ⅜"Color woodcutSigned with a cramponné in black ink and the monogram stamp in red ink, in image

William H Hays: Twilight

HAYS, William H


Woodcut, 2019.


Color woodcut reduction on Stonehenge wove paper.Edition of 25.Signed, titled, and numbered in pencil.Image size: 18 1/2 x 25 1/4 inches.This print...

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Grietje Postma: Landscape 2018-II

POSTMA, Grietje

Landscape 2018-II

Woodcut, 2018.


Woodcut printed in colors, 2018, edition 22. 15 7/8 x 23 1/2 in. Signed, dated, titled and numbered in pencil. This is a fine impression in fine co...

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Louis Schanker: Musical Clowns


Musical Clowns

Woodcut, 1939.


Edition 21, second edition, BM 31, (first edition was 30). Signed, titled, numbered '5/21' and annotated '2-Ed.' in pencil. A rich, painterly impre...

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Frank Morley Fletcher: Wiston River

FLETCHER, Frank Morley

Wiston River

Woodcut, ca 1911.


Wiston River is a color woodcut from about 1911 by the British born printmaker, Frank Morley Fletcher (1866-1949). It is pencil signed, titled, an...

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