Swash 2

Carrie MOYER

Carrie Moyer has been publishing monotypes with Center Street Studio since 2006. Her work is included in many museums across the country and was featured in the 2017 Whitney Biennial.
"Monotypes have been critical to my evolution as an painter. For me they are a way of prying loose the preconceived notions of what can take over in the studio. The monotypes take shape quickly — one or two days as opposed to the weeks and months it sometimes takes to make a painting — so they act as a kind of sketchbook. I love tracking how clusters of ideas gather, gain critical mass and then morph into something else across a suite of monotypes. The “Rush and Roll” series was all about creating unique form through the unpredictable marriage of ink and roller. Those forms, that often came out looking like parti-colored Scholar’s Rocks, became the landscape for a dreamy narrative with the addition of wood cut and free-hand drawing. The “Soft Cells” series was also enormously freeing and intuitive. The images came into focus slowly, through the soft build-up of stains, daubs and precise erasures. Unlike my paintings, there were no hard-edged shapes to corral the unruly pours, just the light ministrations of fingertips and rags." Carrie Moyer, NYC 2019

Each image from this series measures 24 x 18 inches and were printed on sheets measuring 29.5 x 22.5 inches.

You can see more prints by Carrie Moyer published by Center Street Studio here: http://www.centerstreetstudio.com/carrie-moyer