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Wenzel Hollar: Air

HOLLAR, Wenzel


Etching, 1647.


Wenzel Hollar (1606-1677), Air, 1647, etching, after Petrus van Avont, from the Four Elements. [signed and dated W. Hollar 1647 lower right and ins...

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Anders Zorn: At the Piano

ZORN, Anders

At the Piano

Etching, 1900.


Anders Zorn (1860-1920), At the Piano, etching, 1900, signed in pencil lower right. Reference: Asplund 160, Hjert and Hjert 108, second state (of 2...

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James Mcbey: Benicasim

MCBEY, James


Etching, 1911.


James McBey (1883-1959), Benicasim, etching, 1911, signed in ink and numbered lower left margin [with initials, title and date in the plate]. Refer...

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Hermine David: Boxing Match

DAVID, Hermine

Boxing Match

Engraving, circa 1927.


Hermine David, Boxing Match, drypoint and engraving, circa 1927, signed and numbered (4/10) in pencil, lower margin. Reference: Jean Adhemar, Inven...

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Theophile Alexandre Steinlen: Chanson du Soir

STEINLEN, Theophile Alexandre

Chanson du Soir

Etching, circa 1913.


Theophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923), Chanson du Soir, etching, c. 1913, signed in pencil lower right. It is included in the Crauzat catalog as...

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George Biddle: Coffee Huskers

BIDDLE, George

Coffee Huskers

Lithograph, 1928.


George Biddle (1885-1973), Coffee Huskers, 1928, lithograph, signed, titled and numbered [also inscribed ’43/Biddle/1928 in the plate]. Reference:...

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Letterio Calapai: Eight-Thirty Express

CALAPAI, Letterio

Eight-Thirty Express

Wood Engraving, 1943.


Letterio Calapai (1902-1993), Eight-Thirty Express, wood engraving, 1943, signed and dated ’43 lower right, titled and inscribed trial proof 3 bot...

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Reginald Marsh: Erie RR and Factories

MARSH, Reginald

Erie RR and Factories

Etching, 1930.


Reginald Marsh (1898-1954), Erie RR and Factories, etching and engraving, 1930, signed in pencil lower right and numbered (10) lower left [also si...

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Werner Drewes: Farm in the Woods

DREWES, Werner

Farm in the Woods

Woodcut, 1933.


Werner Drewes (1899-1983), Farm in the Woods, woodcut, 1933, signed and dated in pencil lower right (also numbered 1-xxx and titled lower left). Re...

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John Sloan: Fashions of the Past


Fashions of the Past

Etching, 1926.


John Sloan (American 1871 – 1954), Fashions of the Past, etching and aquatint, 1926, signed and titled by the artist in pencil (Morse 224 IV/IV), a...

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William Zorach: Father and Child

ZORACH, William

Father and Child

Linocut, 1916.


William Zorach (1887-1966), Father and Child, linoleum cut, 1916, signed bottom right margin. Reference: Efram L. Burk, The Prints of William Zorac...

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Theophile Alexandre Steinlen: Femme de Chagrin

STEINLEN, Theophile Alexandre

Femme de Chagrin

Lithograph, 1894.


Theophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923), Femme de Chagrin, 1894, lithograph, signed in pencil lower right [also signed in the plate lower center]...

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Childe Hassam: Fifth Avenue, Noon

HASSAM, Childe

Fifth Avenue, Noon

Etching, 1916.


Childe Hassam (1859-1935), Fifth Avenue, Noon, 1916, etching and drypoint. Cortissoz 77, first state (of 2). Signed with the artist's monogram and ...

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Howard Cook: Financial District

COOK, Howard

Financial District

Lithograph, 1931.


Howard Cook (1901-1980), Financial District, lithograph, 1931, signed and dated in pencil lower right and numbered 75 lower left. Reference: Duffy ...

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