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Some of us are simply not inclined to be told how we should see reality.  We turn to abstraction or geometric simplification in art, so we get to see what we want to see.  If you are one of those people, this selection will give your mind ample room to wander and discover your own view of the world.
Shiou-Ping Liao: Little Garden

LIAO, Shiou-Ping

Little Garden

Screenprint, 1982.


LIAO Shiou Ping has positioned a small rock in his Little Garden Looking closely, he printed several colors for the rainbow in this deceptively sim...

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Louis Schanker: Indian Dance


Indian Dance

Woodcut, 1944.


Indian Dance is a color woodcut from 1944 by American artist Louis Schanker (1903-1981). It is pencil signed, dated, and editioned 15/ 25. Indian ...

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Peggy Cyphers: Heirs to the Sea #19


Heirs to the Sea #19

Monoprint, 2019.


"Heirs To The Sea 19" is a lyrical aquatic monoprint made with ink and cyanotype, printed in lustrous blues on 100% cotton rag paper.Plate and Prin...

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Mark Saltz: July Series #19


July Series #19

Monoprint, 2005.


"July Series #40" is a painterly monoprint with expressionistic brush strokes, reflecting the artist's long engagement with and mastery of the lang...

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Deborah Freedman: Ghost Road 3


Ghost Road 3

Monoprint, 2020.


A lyrical painterly print evoking water, snow and mountains. Plate and paper size 33 x 30". Deborah Freedman is a painter and printmaker whose work...

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Nancy Cohen : Liquid Sound #21

COHEN , Nancy

Liquid Sound #21

Monotype, 2018.


Plate and paper size 30 x 22 inches.Jersey City based Nancy Cohen’s drawings, sculpture and installations have been widely exhibited and are repres...

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Yoshikatsu Tamekane: Tree of Life Sold

TAMEKANE, Yoshikatsu

Tree of Life

Woodblock Print, 2021.

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2021woodblock with gold leafedition of 3017.7 x 12.2 in

Dennis Beall: The Pedestrian

BEALL, Dennis

The Pedestrian

Lithograph, 1957.


The Pedestrian is a color lithograph from 1957 by American printmaker Dennis Ray Beall. It is pencil signed, titled, dated, and editioned 3/6. The...

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Misch Kohn: Warrior Jagatai Sold

KOHN, Misch

Warrior Jagatai

Wood Engraving, 1954.

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Warrior Jagatai is a woodengraving from 1953 by American printmaker Misch Kohn (1916-2003). This impression is pencil signed, titled, and dated 19...

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Doris Seidler: The City


The City

Engraving, 1953.


City is a color burin engraving from 1953 by British born artist Doris Seidler (1912-2010). It is pencil signed, titled, dated, and editioned 1/10...

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Marie Okada: Toward the Mountain

OKADA, Marie

Toward the Mountain

Collage or Assemblage, 2020.


OKADA Marie prints with lush colors, adding dense layers of ink to create a thick surface from which shapes emerge. Her poetic titles may hint at h...

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Yuichi Hasegawa: The Great Blue Earth (2)


The Great Blue Earth (2)

Woodblock Print, 2016.


The artist lives far away from the major urban metropolises of Japan. Based in the rural setting of Aizu Wakamatsu, he pays tribute to our earth in...

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Nancy Azara: Wilder Witch Hazel 2

AZARA, Nancy

Wilder Witch Hazel 2

Monotype, 2108.


Nancy Azara is interested in time in relation to memory, personal history and her own mortality. In this series of aquatints she uses the leaf as a...

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