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Some of us are simply not inclined to be told how we should see reality.  We turn to abstraction or geometric simplification in art, so we get to see what we want to see.  If you are one of those people, this selection will give your mind ample room to wander and discover your own view of the world.
Creighton Michael: Fabrique #8

MICHAEL, Creighton

Fabrique #8

Monotype, 2019.


"Fabrique 4" is a subtly beautiful and mysterious multiple plate etched monoprint, using random printing techniques to achieve an intricate yet del...

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Susan Mastrangelo: Breaking Barriers #2


Breaking Barriers #2

Monoprint, 2020.


A lively colorful abstract collage like image referencing natural shapes and geometry.Plate and paper size 30 x 22”.Susan Mastrangelo was born and ...

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Joanne Freeman: Covers #4 Ultramarine


Covers #4 Ultramarine

Aquatint, 2017.


"Covers 4 Ultramarine" is a richly printed hard edged abstract aquatint inspired by mid-century modernism and Jazz album covers of the 1960's and 7...

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Anita Thacher: Effigy 13


Effigy 13

Monoprint, 2015.


"Effigy 13" is an intense, painterly abstract monotype print with vigorous brush strokes printed on 100% cotton rag paper. paper and plate size: 2...

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John Schiff: A Distinguised Personage


A Distinguised Personage

Monotype, 2016.


John Schiff has been an artist and a renowned award-winning architect for decades. His knowledge and love for information and material fundamentall...

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Marina Adams: Prussian Blue #2

ADAMS, Marina

Prussian Blue #2

Monoprint, 2018.


"Prussian Blue 2" is a striking graphic aquatint monoprint by Marina Adams. Inspired by traditional Japanese scroll painting it is printed in inten...

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Andrea Belag: Sunnyside Yards 2

BELAG, Andrea

Sunnyside Yards 2

Monotype, 2016.


A painterly abstract print. "Monotype becomes the meeting of the known, the adapted and the improvisational." Andrea Belag.plate and paper: 33.75 x...

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Jeanette Fintz: Shattered Scaffold #7

FINTZ, Jeanette

Shattered Scaffold #7

Monoprint, c.2019.


"Shattered Scaffold 7" is a lively bleed monoprint made using a etched and aquatinted copper plate, overprinted roller marks, stencil and textures ...

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Anne Russinof: Serpentine 8


Serpentine 8

Monoprint, 2019.


A rich, gestural monoprint, "Serpentine 8", was made with multiple etched sugar lift, white ground and aquatinted copper plates, printed in turquoi...

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Claire Seidl: Otherwhere(Geranium)

SEIDL, Claire


Monoprint, 2016.


Claire Seidl is best known as an abstract painter. Her series of monoprints display the variation and energy of her artwork..combining elements of ...

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Elke Solomon: Smoke



Etching, 2020.


An atmospheric abstract image conjuring Smoke. Elke Solomon lives in New York City. She has taught at Parsons School of Design, Columbia University...

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Emily Berger: Rubato #11


Rubato #11

Monotype, 2-19.


Rubato #13 is a jewel-like painterly abstract contemporary monoprint made with multiple etching plates layered in turquoise blue and gold.. It is p...

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Peggy Cyphers: Heirs to the Sea #19


Heirs to the Sea #19

Monoprint, 2019.


"Heirs To The Sea 19" is a lyrical aquatic monoprint made with ink and cyanotype, printed in lustrous blues on 100% cotton rag paper.Plate and Prin...

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Mark Saltz: July Series #19


July Series #19

Monoprint, 2005.


"July Series #40" is a painterly monoprint with expressionistic brush strokes, reflecting the artist's long engagement with and mastery of the lang...

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Deborah Freedman: Ghost Road 3


Ghost Road 3

Monoprint, 2020.


A lyrical painterly print evoking water, snow and mountains. Plate and paper size 33 x 30". Deborah Freedman is a painter and printmaker whose work...

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Nancy Cohen : Liquid Sound #21

COHEN , Nancy

Liquid Sound #21

Monotype, 2018.


Plate and paper size 30 x 22 inches.Jersey City based Nancy Cohen’s drawings, sculpture and installations have been widely exhibited and are repres...

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Nancy Azara: Wilder Witch Hazel 2

AZARA, Nancy

Wilder Witch Hazel 2

Monotype, 2108.


Nancy Azara is interested in time in relation to memory, personal history and her own mortality. In this series of aquatints she uses the leaf as a...

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