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Some of us are simply not inclined to be told how we should see reality.  We turn to abstraction or geometric simplification in art, so we get to see what we want to see.  If you are one of those people, this selection will give your mind ample room to wander and discover your own view of the world.
CYRIL Power: Monseignor St. Thomas


Monseignor St. Thomas

Linocut, 1931.


Cyril Power (1872-1951) color linoleum cut, Monseignor St. Thomas, circa 1931, signed and titled in pencil at the lower right, apart from the editi...

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Louis Marcoussis: Un Reve (A Dream)


Un Reve (A Dream)

Etching, 1930.


Louis Marcoussis (1883-1941), Un Reve, etching, 1930, signed in pencil lower right and inscribed “2nd etat 1/2” lower left. Plate 1 of the portfoli...

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Martin Lewis: Shadow Magic

LEWIS, Martin

Shadow Magic

Lithograph, 1939.


Martin Lewis (1881-1962), Shadow Magic, 1939, drypoint, signed in pencil lower right. Reference: McCarron 126, only state, 34 impressions recorded...

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Andre Derain: Paysage (le Morin)


Paysage (le Morin)

Etching, 1911.


Andre Derain (1880-1954) etching and drypoint, Paysage (le Morin), 1911, signed and numbered 50/50 (although edition size is not known). Reference...

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Sybil Andrews: Flower Girls


Flower Girls

Linocut, 1934.


Sybil Andrews (1898-1992), Flower Girls1934, Color Linocut.White 28. Edition 60. Signed, titled, numbered 8/60in pencil, in the image, lower left.I...

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William Zorach: Father and Child Sold

ZORACH, William

Father and Child

Linocut, 1916.

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William Zorach (1887-1966), Father and Child, linoleum cut, 1916, signed bottom right margin. Reference: Efram L. Burk, The Prints of William Zorac...

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Claude Flight: Swing Boats

FLIGHT, Claude

Swing Boats

Linocut, 1919-21.


Claude Flight (1881-1955), Swing Boats, circa 1919-1921, color linoleum cut on very thin Japan paper, signed and numbered by the artist lower left...

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Werner Drewes: Farm in the Woods

DREWES, Werner

Farm in the Woods

Woodcut, 1933.


Werner Drewes (1899-1983), Farm in the Woods, woodcut, 1933, signed and dated in pencil lower right (also numbered 1-xxx and titled lower left). Re...

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Sybil Andrews: Sails



Linocut, 1960.


Sybil Andrews (1898-1992), Sails, linocut in colors, 1960, signed (twice), titled, and inscribed “TP” in pencil. Reference: White 50. In good cond...

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