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Abstract & Geometric

Some of us are simply not inclined to be told how we should see reality.  We turn to abstraction or geometric simplification in art, so we get to see what we want to see.  If you are one of those people, this selection will give your mind ample room to wander and discover your own view of the world.
Alex deConstant: Warning or Delight?


Warning or Delight?

Woodcut, 2016.


Warning or Delight? 2016, Ruction woodcut, edition 20, image size 16 x 22 inches.Red sky and waves is an eye-catching print that skirts the surfing...

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Janine Wong: Dot Variant 28

WONG, Janine

Dot Variant 28

Monoprint, 2016.


From a series of about thirty same-sized prints, Boston based artist, Janine Wong, used a collection of different plates and circular stencils to c...

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Nobuyuki Takai: Flat Cat

TAKAI, Nobuyuki

Flat Cat

Stencil or Pochoir, 2016.


Dimensions: 11.5" x 15"Medium: Katazome Stencil Dye PrintEdition Size: Open Edition

Chie Takai & Takeshi Matsunaga (Kata Kata): Dancing Bear II

(KATA KATA), Chie Takai & Takeshi Matsunaga

Dancing Bear II

Stencil or Pochoir, 2016.


Dimensions: 12.75" x 19.5"Medium: Katazome Stencil PrintEdition Size: Open Edition

Daniel Kelly: Beauty and Chaos

KELLY, Daniel

Beauty and Chaos

Collage or Assemblage, 2016.


Dimensions: 66″ x 87″ x 11″ Medium: painting on cotton, bamboo mat, Japanese lacquer ware and folding fan on sculpted panel Edition Size: uniqu...

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John Schiff: A Distinguised Personage


A Distinguised Personage

Monotype, 2016.


John Schiff has been an artist and a renowned award-winning architect for decades. His knowledge and love for information and material fundamentall...

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Andrea Belag: Sunnyside Yards 2

BELAG, Andrea

Sunnyside Yards 2

Monotype, 2016.


A painterly abstract print. "Monotype becomes the meeting of the known, the adapted and the improvisational." Andrea Belag.plate and paper: 33.75 x...

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Claire Seidl: Otherwhere(Geranium)

SEIDL, Claire


Monoprint, 2016.


Claire Seidl is best known as an abstract painter. Her series of monoprints display the variation and energy of her artwork..combining elements of ...

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Yuichi Hasegawa: The Great Blue Earth (2)


The Great Blue Earth (2)

Woodblock Print, 2016.


The artist lives far away from the major urban metropolises of Japan. Based in the rural setting of Aizu Wakamatsu, he pays tribute to our earth in...

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