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Some of us are simply not inclined to be told how we should see reality.  We turn to abstraction or geometric simplification in art, so we get to see what we want to see.  If you are one of those people, this selection will give your mind ample room to wander and discover your own view of the world.
Masaaki Noda: Forefront.

NODA, Masaaki


Screenprint, 2012.


Masaaki NodaSilk screen, 2012.Edition 45.Signed and titled in pencil, Inscribed "A/P."Image size 19 1/4 x 26 3/8" (492 x 674 mm).Very good condition.

Bill Thompson: Jig



Aquatint, 2012.


Translating Thompson's sculptural ideas into prints is always a daunting task. This plate, like several other recent prints, was cut by hand from a...

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John Walker: Colorado Cross #6


Colorado Cross #6

Monoprint, 2012.


When John Walker purchased a farm in Maine, he discovered a stash of antique bingo cards in one of the outbuildings. Interestingly, many of the yel...

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Laura Wait: Scriptograph #13 Sold

WAIT, Laura

Scriptograph #13

Monoprint, 2012.

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"Word forms as image are the primary focus of my art. Words and symbols, used as marks, are layered on [artwork] to form a wall of history with mea...

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David Row: Lightrap Red

ROW, David

Lightrap Red

Aquatint, 2012.


Lightrap Red was created by David Row in response to a glass sculpture. The print is made of three copper plates. the first plate is an aquatint an...

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Masahiko Takada: Moon Viewing Cat I

TAKADA, Masahiko

Moon Viewing Cat I

Stencil or Pochoir, 2012.


Dimensions: 17" x 17" Medium: Katazome Stencil-Dyed Print on mulberry paper Edition Size: Open Edition

Kayla Mohammadi: South Bristol I


South Bristol I

Monotype, 2012.


Ms. Mohammadi is on the faculty at Brandeis University, and has a strong painting background. This watercolor monotype perfectly captures her paint...

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Jeffrey Keith: Five Series #9

KEITH, Jeffrey

Five Series #9

Monotype, 2012.


In this gorgeous watercolor monotype, Denver artist, Jeffrey Keith, used cut sheets of corrugated cardboard as squeegees to apply thick, dense surf...

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Monroe Hodder: Other Worlds XV

HODDER, Monroe

Other Worlds XV

Monoprint, 2012.


Grounded with a delicate greenish blue background, this lovely print by Monroe Hodder explores her facility with the brush and various marks. Also ...

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Eva Bovenzi: Second Messenger #9


Second Messenger #9

Monoprint, 2012.


In her visits to Oehme Graphics, Eva Bovenzi has produced an array of abstract works that places her “in the tradition of visual artists who have t...

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Dan Welden: Tides



Other, 2012.


Dan Welden, Amer., (Contemporary) "Tides", Solar Plate Etching, 2012, with Hand Coloring, unique impression outside the Ed. 12/25, ca. 11 x 14, on ...

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